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Calling All Wannabe Jailbirds: B & B Behind Bars

HILLSBORO, Mo. (CBS/AP) Always stayed on the right side of the law, but wish, just for a night, you could let your wild side run loose? Or cause so much trouble that you end up staying in the ol' graybar hotel?

Well, you now have your chance. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department in eastern Missouri has come up with a novel way to put wannabe bad boys and girls behind bars, and all for a good cause.

Officials are offering the public a chance to stay overnight at the local jail to help pay for mattresses at a new addition.

But all this fun comes at a cost. The event is set for the evening of July 31, and $50 a person or $90 a couple. The would-be convicts will stay in a recently finished addition, tour the new facility, learn more about prison system. But that is not all for these jailbirds! They will receive Jefferson County "bed and breakfast" T-shirt, snacks, and souvenir mug shots.

Also included is a "get out of jail free" card. Those who want to leave early can, but they have to front even more money and have to give another $10. Proceeds benefit the county's jail maintenance fund.

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