Calliflower Rocks For Conference Calls

Last Updated Aug 6, 2008 5:54 PM EDT

calliflower.jpgAs someone who regularly organizes small teleconferences, I've long wanted a simple way to manage them. Calliflower appears to be the easiest way yet. To set up a conference call using Calliflower, all you have to do is log in; create a time and length for the call; and invite your fellow participants using their email addresses. They'll get a number and a pin code to call, and you're good to go.

That's what every conference call application does, though. What makes Calliflower special is all the other stuff: It's free. There's a web side to it, meaning that every participant can see who's in on the call. There's a wall to share notes and links with the rest of the listeners. Plus, it's scalable—the organizer can manage even large calls by muting those not talking and requiring those who want to join in to "raise their hands" by pushing a button. Plus, Calliflower keeps a record of all the calls you've organized and participated in, and even records them ((though I can't seem to get that feature to work just yet).

(Thanks, WebWorkerDaily)