California woman arrested for sending meth mail to husband in jail

Janice Grimmett, left, and Dewayne Nelson
CBS Sacramento

(CBS) MARYSVILLE, Calif. - Narcotics officers arrested Janice Grimmett and four others Wednesday for sending drug-laced love letters to Grimmett's husband in a Sacramento county jail, reports CBS Sacramento.

The elaborate operation involved smuggling methamphetamine by soaking postcards in liquid meth, which was then sent to Grimmett's husband, Dewayne Nelson.

"The person receiving it would put in back into a liquid to bring it back to its methamphetamine state," said commander Martin Horan to CBS Sacramento.

Nelson is held behind bars in Yuba County Jail for kidnapping a man and leading deputies on a high-speed chase and stand off. The meth mail operation was discovered by a jail guard, who tipped off detectives leading to Grimmett's arrest.