Calif. man could go to jail for not watering lawn

Fernand Bogman's Upland, Calif. home

CBS Los Angeles

UPLAND, Calif. - Fernand Bogman says he's being a responsible citizen by not watering the lawn at his San Bernardino County home during California's drought.

But officials in the city of Upland say the homeowner is violating the law by keeping his lawn brown instead of green.

The homeowner is charged with two misdemeanors for failing to properly maintain his front yard and parkway space.

"Under the current circumstances, I don't believe that that is acceptable that we waste water," Bogman told CBS Los Angeles.

Prosecutor Dan Peelman tells the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin that Bogman was given the option to pay fines and to correct the issue. He also met with city officials who told him if he submitted a drought-tolerant landscaping proposal he could avoid going to trial. He rejected the offers.

Bogman faces $4,000 in fines or six months in jail when the case goes to trial.