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Calif. woman allegedly slaps cop... to quit smoking?

A woman in Sacramento, Calif., reportedly wanted to be put in jail - so she would be forced to top smoking cigarettes. AP

(CBS) SACRAMENTO - A woman's plan to stop smoking allegedly involved slapping a sheriff's deputy, CBS Sacramento reports.

Believe or not, there's a unique brand of "logic" to it.

Thirty-one-year-old Etta Lopez is accused of slapping Deputy Matt Campoy as he left his shift at the Sacramento County Jail. According to Campoy, Lopez was purposely blocking his way as he tried to exit the building, the station reports.

"All of a sudden, she stepped into me and slapped me in the face," Campoy told CBS Sacramento.

Lopez was immediately arrested.

According to police, Lopez admitted that she waited in front of the county jail for hours, intent on assaulting an officer. She reportedly explained that her goal was to get arrested and be put in jail so she would be forced to stop smoking cigarettes.

Slap a cop, kick a habit?

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