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Calif. kindergarten teacher facing methamphetamine, knife possession charges

Fresno, Calif. kindergarten teacher Dorothy Ramirez faces two felony charges KGPE

(CBS/AP) FRESNO, Calif. - Some kindergarteners at Easterby Elementary School in Fresno, Calif. may have a substitute teacher for quite a while, since their regular teacher has been charged with possessing methamphetamine and a knife on school grounds.

The Fresno Bee reports that 53-year-old Dorothy Christine Ramirez was arrested last week after Fresno County Sheriff's deputies found methamphetamine in her sunglasses' case during a traffic stop. Ramirez was riding in her car with 28-year-old Joseph Frago, who is suspected of three armed robberies.

Ramirez was placed on administrative leave with pay, the newspaper reports.

Attorney Charles Magill, who represents Ramirez, said his client denies knowing the drug was in the sunglasses case and has no knowledge about bringing a knife to campus.

The criminal complaint does not give details about the knife charge. Meanwhile, Frago is charged with eight felonies, including drug and weapons counts.

Ramirez is out on $30,500 bail and will be arraigned on Sept. 21.  She has taught at Easterby Elementary for more than 20 years.

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