Calif. high school football game ends in brawl caught on camera

(CBS) SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - A high school football game turned into a team-wide, bench-clearing brawl, all caught on camera last Friday, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The Homecoming game fight was allegedly sparked when San Bernardino High School's quarterback was tackled in front of Palm Desert High School's bench. A San Bernardino player then knocked a Palm Desert player from behind, drawing a penalty flag, instigating the two teams to get physical.

"All we know is that he got tackled. He got grabbed in the private. He got up, kinda shoved the guy'What are you doing?' And then he swung. The guy swung and then (it was) all melee from there," San Bernardino High's coach Jeff Imbriani of  told reporters.

According to the California Interscholastic Federal (CIF) rules, any football player who leaves the bench during an altercation is disqualified from playing in the next game, meaning that both high schools could have to forfeit their games on Friday. But CIF officials have allowed the schools to handle the disciplinary repercussions.

"(On) Wednesday, the school administration from San Bernardino and Palm Desert high schools, they will be meeting to discuss the situation," said Linda Bardere from the San Bernardino Unified School District.

Ultimately, the CIF will decide whether or not the proposed punishments are appropriate.