Cal State-Sacramento Professor Shows Support For Obama

This story was written by Princess Garnace, The State Hornet
Barack Obama's presidential campaign was brought to the attention of those who walked by a booth that was set up on the California State University at Sacramento Library Quad today.

Bilingual and multicultural education professor Duane Campbell, who has been involved with political activities since the '70s, volunteers his time three days a week to educate students of the presidential candidate's campaign.

Campbell said he supports Obama as the next president because he can "get us out of war and (Obama is someone) who can change things."

Students are welcomed to ask Campbell any questions they have concerning Obama and are encouraged to pick up pamphlets about Obama. Campbell has also prepared handouts that compare each presidential candidate.

In addition to information, Obama bumper stickers and pins are for sale. All proceeds go to the Campus Progressive Alliance.

Campbell said his effort is an attempt to reach out to the approximately 27 thousand voters on campus.

"Instead of walking neighborhoods, (the campus) is such a big precinct ... it's important to be here where the student voters are," he said.

Campbell estimates that he talks to an average of 40 individuals per day.

"A lot more people are asking questions and paying attention (to politics)," he said.
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