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By the numbers: The American vacation

Charles Osgood looks at the data regarding Americans and their time off from work
Vacations, by the numbers 00:59

Time out! Let's take a look at vacations ... by the numbers.

The average American worker is entitled to 16 days of paid leave. But the length of the average vacation lasts just over four days!

Only 25 percent of workers say they take all the time off that's due them (Glassdoor Employee Satisfaction Survey). In fact, 15 percent of Americans report taking NO time off.

And 61 percent of us admit to doing some work even while we're ON vacation.

As for how we compare to other countries . . .

In France workers are given 31 days of paid time off.
Japan: 10 days.
Italy: 31 days.
Canada: 19.

And before you complain about YOUR time off, consider this: More than a quarter of the American work force gets NO vacation time.

And this, from a new CBS News poll: When asked which summer month is best for taking a summer vacation, for Americans, the answer is . . . September.

The Best Month for Summer Vacation

June: 21%
July: 27%
August: 19%
September: 31%

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