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​This is Buzz Aldrin's $33.31 moon mission travel expense report

It cost NASA more than $20 billion to put the first men on the moon. And it cost one of those men about 30 bucks.

In what might go down as one of the best #TBT tweets of all time, Buzz Aldrin Thursday sent out a copy of his expense reimbursement voucher for travel from Houston to the moon and back.

For "travel and other expenses" between July 7, 1969 -- a week and a half before the Apollo 11 launch -- to July 27, three days after splashdown, Aldrin claimed $33.31.

Points of travel listed were: Houston, Texas, to Cape Kennedy, Fla.; Moon (July 19-21); Pacific Ocean (July 24); Hawaii; and return to Houston, Texas.

Fortunately for Aldrin, he didn't have to go out of pocket for room and board. The expense report clearly states, "Government meals and quarters furnished for all the above dates."

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