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Buzz Aldrin, From The White House To Mars

Almost 40 years to the minute after Buzz Aldrin became the second man to set foot on the moon, CBS News' Bob Schieffer spoke with Aldrin about his White House meeting with President Obama commemorating his historic journey.

"Well, I mostly listened," Aldrin said. "It wasn't an opportunity for me to offer thoughts about the future."

The former astronaut was not shy, however, in explaining to Schieffer where he thinks the American space program should go next – to Mars.

"I think we ought to do what we need to do to exhibit U.S. global space leadership," Aldrin said. The astronaut has pushed for NASA to focus on the Red Planet as opposed to ongoing trips to the moon.

"What I want to do is to encourage people to look very carefully at what is the destination that we are setting a goal for," he said.

Aldrin recently published a book entitled "Magnificent Desolation," which describes his tumultuous experiences with alcoholism and depression after his 1969 moon walk.

Watch Schieffer's full interview with the rocket man above.

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