Buttered toast becomes weapon of choice in vandalism to SUV, say S.C. police

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Hamilton Beach
Sheriff's deputies in Union, S.C. say a man is charged for smearing buttered toast on a neighbor's SUV.

(CBS/AP) UNION, S.C. - Christopher Brannon, of Union, S.C., was arrested Saturday after a neighbor accused him of smearing buttered toast on her SUV.

What, no hash browns with that?

Union County sheriff's deputies say the 34-year-old Brannon is charged with malicious damage to property.

Authorities say a woman reported seeing Brannon wiping something on the back windshield of her SUV. The woman found a greasy film on the glass and a piece of buttered toast on the ground nearby.

Brannon was arrested and released from jail on a personal recognizance bond.

Damage to the SUV was estimated at $1. A sheriff's report did not mention a motive.