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Bush Makes Web Pitch

The CBS News Political Unit is tracking the campaign commercials of the presidential hopefuls. Jane Ruevlson analyzes the latest effort from Republican candidate George W. Bush.

The Ad: This week, the Bush campaign will begin running, a 30-second spot intended to drive traffic to their new Web site. The ad will run in San Francisco and New York City for an undisclosed length of time. The campaign describes the size of the ad buy as "light."

Audio: George W. Bush: "Welcome to I’m running for president of the United States.

Visual: With little audio, the ad relies on a flurry of images from the campaign Web site. It features photos of George and Laura Bush and computer screens full of links allowing site visitors to register to vote, sign up for news, read campaign updates and get daily trivia.

Fact Check: No inaccuracies. (The ad doesn’t assert anything.)

The Strategy: The Bush campaign has just finished revamping its Web site and the new ad is intended to bring it some traffic. The spot is targeted to Web savvy voters in San Francisco and New York City; the campaign hopes they will appreciate that the site is now "more personal, accessible and informative."

The Bush campaign asserts that this is the first political ad of its kind. While most political spots end with a pitch for the candidate's Web site, may be the first intended primarily to increase the campaign’s online audience.

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