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Bush At DMZ

President Bush stood at the D-M-Z today and urged North Korea to mend its despotic ways.

He declared, "No nation should be a prison for its own people."

The president spoke at a train station on South Korea's border after visiting an observation bunker and peering through binoculars at a North Korea he's labeled part of an "axis of evil."

The road-and-rail line is supposed to link the North and South, but so far, its northern half remains unbuilt.

Speaking at the Dorasan station, Bush didn't repeat his "axis" charge. And he said he foresees a day when Korea will be united in commerce, not divided by barbed wire and fear.

But so far, North Korea has failed to respond to repeated overtures. And like the roadbed which stops at Dorasan, Bush says the unity bid by South Korean president Kim Dae-jung (kihm day-joong) remains incomplete.