Burrito causes beef, leads to lockdown at N.M. jail

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(CBS/AP) LOS LUNAS, N.M. - The 160 inmates at New Mexico's Valencia County Detention Center were told to get in their cells and remain there. The lockdown that was ordered Monday wasn't over a gun, or a hostage situation or an escape.

It was because of a burrito.

KOAT-TV reports a guard smuggled in a tortilla-wrapped surprise for an inmate and the prisoner was caught in the act of enjoying it, which authorities said raised a ruckus among the other inmates.

Prison authorities even speculated whether the guard and inmate were experimenting with attempting to use a burrito to smuggle in contraband, but nothing much was found except the usual stuff found in a burrito (see above).

Warden Joe Chavez says in 20 plus years, it's the first time the facility has been locked down over a burrito.

That's reassuring, I guess.

The lockdown was expected to be lifted Wednesday. The burrito-bearing guard was fired.