Burglars trick family's dog into eating broken glass

FREMONT, Calif.-- Two suspects who broke into a home in Fremont, California are seen on video tricking the family's dog into eating broken glass, reports CBS San Francisco.

The suspects, who police are still trying to identify, are on surveillance video allegedly serving cookies to the family's dog on top of glass. According to police, the suspects had looked through windows in the residence before shattering the locked sliding glass door to gain access to the home.

Then the suspects fed the dog cookies on top of the shattered sliding glass door.

CBS San Francisco reports that the glass resulted in injuries to the dog's tongue and caused its mouth to bleed. The dog is still under medical care, but is expected to recover, according to police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques.

In the video, the dog can also be seen stepping on the glass.

A resident of the house called Fremont police to report a burglary and animal cruelty. The incident was caught on the residence's private video surveillance, police said.

CBS San Francisco reports that at least two suspects jumped the side fence into the backyard of the residence. The house was ransacked, with money and an estimated $2,000 worth of jewelry stolen, according to Bosques.

Police are still looking for the suspects and asking the public for help identifying them.

"We would really love for as many people as possible to view and share the video and information," Bosques said. "We are grateful for any help in resolving this case."