Bullies run Rebecca Black ("Friday" singer) out of school


(CBS) - Oh poor Rebecca Black. She might be a star in our eyes, but to the kids at her school, she's kind of a joke. In fact, they made fun of her so much after "Friday" came out, that her mother has decided to yank her out of school and began homeschooling the YouTube sensation, reports TMZ.

"When I walk by, they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice... Or, you know, they'll be like, 'oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'" the 14-year-old told ABC News.

Black's not alone. Before they made it big, stars like Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba also experienced school bullying. In an "E! True Hollywood Story," Aguilera's mom has said the other kids were jealous of her success. "My dad used to have to walk me into school so that I wasn't attacked," Alba told Cosmopolitan, "I'd eat my lunch in the nurses' office to avoid sitting with the others. I'd get beaten up and picked on for being different."

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So here's a suggestion to Black and other young stars who still have so much to learn but are made uncomfortable at the usual brick-and-mortar: online education.

For starters, they can try:

iTunes U: A distribution system from Apple, which has 350,000 free lectures, language lessons, even labs.

K12: An online school that provides a one-on-one curriculum for kids in all geographic, financial and demographic circumstances.

Citizens' High School: An accredited high school program that awards diplomas to students who complete their curriculum.

Since Black gained success via cyberspace with her "Friday" jam, why not use what made her famous to continue her education?

  • Ysolt Usigan

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