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Bronx Zoo's free-spirited cobra comes home

New York City's great snake saga is over. After seven days of freedom, the Bronx Zoo's Egyptian cobra that escaped from her enclosure last Friday has been found alive and well in the zoo's Reptile House.

In a news conference on Friday afternoon, Jim Breheny, director of the Bronx Zoo, told reporters that the 20-inch venomous cobra had been found in the place zoo officials had expected to find her all along. The snake is now "resting comfortably and secure," according to Breheny.

Regardless of what the snake's (hilarious) Twitter feed might have suggested, officials were confident she was still in the zoo somewhere. When asked what took the search effort so long, Breheny explained, "The key strategy here in recovering this snake was patience."

Snakes are, he explained, "shy, secretive creatures." The search team spread wood shavings that mice and rats use as bedding around the building, hoping the cobra would recognize the scent of rodents and come out of her hiding place for a quick meal.

Director Breheny praised the "determination and professionalism and commitment" of the zoo staff. He also believed that confidence in the zoo's ability to track down their wayward cobra was what allowed the public to be light-hearted and "spoof" the situation.

The cobra is currently being held for observation and will be returned to her exhibit once officials are sure she is healthy. When asked by reporters why the most famous snake in the Big Apple doesn't even have a name, Breheny replied, "Maybe we'll do some sort of naming contest."

Any good names for NYC's celebrity snake? Feel free to leave them in the comments.