Brogan Rafferty, teen suspect in Ohio "Craigslist killings," says he was told to dig grave for victim

Brogan Rafferty Ed Suba Jr.,AP Photo/Akron Beacon Journal

(CBS/AP) AKRON, Ohio - Jurors in the trial of Brogan Rafferty heard the teen tell police in a taped interview that that he was "ordered" to dig a grave for a man allegedly killed as part of a deadly scheme to lure victims with phony Craigslist job offers.

Rafferty, 17, has been charged with killing three men along with his 53-year-old mentor, Richard Beasely. 

A fourth victim was shot and injured, but escaped.

Authorities say victims of the scheme answered a Craigslist ad for work at a nonexistent cattle ranch in Noble County, 90 miles south of Akron, where they were robbed and then killed.

Rafferty was heard telling investigators in a tape played in court Thursday that Beasley watched him closely following the first man's death.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Rafferty contends that at one point, Beasley reminded the teen that he knew where his mother and sister lived.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Beasley, a Texas parolee who returned to Ohio in 2004 after serving time on a burglary conviction. He was awaiting trial on prostitution and drug charges when authorities took him into custody. Police have said a halfway house he ran in Akron was a front for prostitution.

Rafferty could face life in prison if convicted of the attacks.

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