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British Royal Navy Web Site Hacked, Shut Down

Britain's Royal Navy Website Hacked, Shut Down
A screengrab of the home page of the Royal Navy website. (AP)

LONDON (CBS/AP) The British Royal Navy's website was shut down Monday after the site's security was breached in a hacker attack.

A message on the site says it has been shut down for "essential maintenance" and asked users to "visit again soon."

The Navy said in a statement that the site's security had been breached over the weekend but that no "malicious damage" had been found.

"The Royal Navy website has been temporarily suspended," the statement read. "Security teams are investigating. Access to this website did not give the hacker access to any classified information."

The site was closed as a precaution. Other military websites remained active.

A hacker who goes by the name TinKode claimed Friday to have gained access to the sensitive site.

The website is primarily used as a public relations site with details about navy operations, programs, equipment, and career opportunities.