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Britain's Bare Naked Ladies

In an effort to raise money for charity, a British women's group decided to raise some eyebrows. Twelve members of the women's' institute shed their inhibitions and their clothes to appear nude in a calendar that unexpectedly became a big hit.

Angela Baker, Lynda Logan, Tricia Stewart and Rose Fawcett are responsible for the project.

"I just turned to Angela and said I thought we should do an alternative calendar in the nude featuring the crafts -- and we laughed about it," says Stewart.

The idea came on behalf Baker's husband, who died from leukemia.

When she told him about it, he had said, "'You'll never do it. You just talk about it. You'll never do it.'" When John died, the ladies decided to pose nude in his memory in order to raise money for leukemia research.

The calendar features artistic shots of the middle-aged ladies, who had hoped to raise $2000.

Now with more than $550,000 raised, there are plans to possibly release the calendar in the U.S.

"We did it and had lots of fun doing it. It was tinged with sadness throughout but we raised lots of money," says Fawcett.

Despite the windfall, the ladies say they have no plans for a sequel.

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