Bristol says Sarah Palin "definitely knows" whether or not she will make White House run

Bristol Palin attends the Candie's Foundation 2011 event to prevent benefit gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on May 3, 2011 in New York City.
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bristol palin
Bristol Palin.
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Updated 6:47 p.m. Eastern Time

Bristol Palin says her mother Sarah "definitely knows" whether or not she plans in to jump into the crowded field for White House - but both are keeping mum for now.

The eldest Palin daughter said she would "absolutely" like her mother, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, to run for president - and the famously unpredictable politician had already made a decision on the matter.

"You know, she definitely knows," the younger Palin told "FOX & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade when asked if she thought her mother was still weighing her options or keeping her decision to herself, "We've talked about it before. Some things just need to stay in the family."

The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant said the likely intrusion into their personal lives would be outweighed by the benefits of a presidential bid.

"I just feel like, even if we're at our cabin, you know, out in the middle of the boonies, we're still going to be talked about," Palin says. "We might as well be doing something good."

Sarah Palin has for months inspired speculation - and, in some cases, confusion - about her political ambitions.

In late May, after maintaining a relatively low profile over the past several months, Palin announced the "One Nation" bus tour, which was touted on the SarahPAC website as "part of our new campaign to educate and energize Americans about our nation's founding principles." Along with a recent build-up of staff, the upcoming release in Iowa of a pro-Palin documentary, and her reported purchase of a house in Arizona, the move seemed to suggest that Palin was laying the groundwork for a campaign.

The bus tour, however, took an extended break almost immediately (Palin blamed the early retreat back to Alaska on jury duty, and said she was "looking forward to hitting the open road again" later in the summer), ultimately leading to yet more questions about her plans.

Recent reports also indicate that Palin has declined to court operatives in key early-primary states - particularly Iowa - and has let important relationships lapse with Republicans like South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

Nevertheless, some believe Palin may well be carefully planning her next move: the 2008 vice presidential nominee is currently in Iowa for the Tuesday premiere of the Palin documentary, "The Undefeated."

UPDATE: Appearing at a premiere for a documentary about her in Iowa Tuesday afternoon, Palin said she had still not decided on running.

"I texted Bristol, I said honey what did you say this morning on some news program," Palin said. "She said, 'Oh, mom, you've got to watch the interview. You know how they take everything out of context.' I said you remember Bristol what we talk about on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat. I don't know what she said. She said I have to watch it myself. I don't know what she said but still thinking about it."

"I am still thinking about the decision and you know a lot goes into such a life-changing, relatively earth-shattering type of decision and still thinking about it," added Palin.