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Bring Hotel Glamour Home

If you love to stay in hotels because the sheets are soft, the pillows are fluffy and the towels are plush, the Hib Report has good news for you.

The Early Show contributor Laurie Hibberd says you can recreate your hotel experience right in your own home, and that does not mean tucking a few towels into your luggage.

After years of requests, hotels are now making many of their room amenities available to their guests through in-room catalogs, online stores, boutiques or over the telephone. So now, if you like the bed, you can take it home with you.

Experts attribute the trend to hotels promoting the resort lifestyle in homes. More and more guests want to bring that part of their experience home. Adding to the appeal, hotels often buy things that are luxurious and exclusive to them, as well as products that generally last longer and are cheaper than similar goods in regular stores.

For hotels, selling their own merchandise seems to be a win-win situation, Not only does it bring in additional revenue, but the practice also gives them free brand advertising. It's a trend that has also extended to retailers, who are now selling all sorts of hotel-inspired goods in their own stores across the country.

Hotels selling merchandise:

Retailers with hotel-inspired products

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