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Brighten Your Colleague's Day with This Lighthearted (Bacon Themed) Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

Lorem Ipsum text generators are a dime a dozen. In fact, there are three different ones -- all excellent -- built right into Word. But it's Friday, you're dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, and it's time to lighten the mood a little. Why not use a bacon-based lorem ipsum text generator to put a smile on someone's face when they need to review your next Web site redesign proposal?

Bacon Ipsum is, as the name suggests, a lorem ipsum generator that uses various meat-based filler words. Getting text is fast: Just visit the site, specify how many paragraphs you need, and choose whether you want "all meat" or "meat and filler." Then copy and paste the results into your project. And since this post is too short, here's a sampling from the site:

Nulla quis do, ullamco deserunt consequat headcheese short ribs. Ground round shankle deserunt pariatur ullamco fatback. Esse boudin laborum, adipisicing cillum sausage beef. Ham ut in in occaecat. Commodo nisi ut, hamburger irure consequat exercitation. Sint fugiat aliqua jerky biltong pork loin, shoulder est. Ground round et enim boudin, officia laboris magna in.
It's the only placeholder text system guaranteed to make you hungry.

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