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Brian Alexik, aka the "Real" Jason Bourne, Nabbed after 6 Weeks on the Run; Escape Sparked Intnt'l Manhunt

The Many Faces of Brian Alexik (Los Angeles Police Dept.)

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP)  Police said Brian Alexik vanished like Jason Bourne, the spy character known for his daring getaways in "The Bourne Identity" and its two sequels.

But Thursday June 3, after more than six weeks on the run that sparked an international manhunt, the 34-year-old man suspected of counterfeiting money and making parts for illegal weapons was arrested in a downtown Los Angeles apartment.

On Thursday, detectives visited the apartment of a woman they thought had information on Alexik's whereabouts. It took detectives hours to talk him into surrendering, as they closed down nearby streets and evacuated the building, Capt. Steven Sambar said.

The 30-year-old woman was also arrested and could face charges of harboring a fugitive.

Alexik gave a police department SWAT team the slip on April 19 while officers investigated a complaint of a gasoline smell coming from a high-rise unit. Officers broke down the door and saw Alexik fleeing through a window and down a fire escape.

In the loft, investigators found fake passports, narcotics, ammunition, $15,000 in high-quality fake currency, an illegal AK-47 and other illegal weapons. Detectives had mounting concerns when they saw that Alexik's penthouse balcony overlooked a U.S. Federal Reserve building.

His escape sparked much speculation about what the New Jersey native was doing in Los Angeles. Police considered him armed and dangerous.

Photos found at his loft showed him in significantly different looks. In one picture, he has a closely shaved head. In another, he has long curly hair. When he was arrested, he had dyed his hair red, police said.

Thirty-two-year-old Gregory Koller, who was believed to be Alexik's associate, was arrested several weeks ago on suspicion of narcotics possession.