Bret Michael Bares All for Billboard Magazine Cover

Bret Michaels on the cover of Billboard. (Billboard Magazine)
Bret Michaels on the cover of Billboard. (Billboard Magazine)

NEW YORK (CBS) Rocker Bret Michaels is not going to age quietly.

PICTURES: Bret Michaels, The Resilient Rocker

The former Poison frontman is going full frontal in the latest issue of Billboard Magazine, baring all except his private parts, which are strategically covered up by the words: "Maximum Exposure."

The 47-year-old rocker is gracing the front of the music industry trade magazine replete with a spray-on tan and airbrushing of his abs and legs.

In the interview with the magazine, he opens up about his experience with "Rock of Love."

His new VH1 reality show, "Life As I Know It," is cited by the magazine as a prime example of getting exposure, and Michaels says he's been actively cultivating TV opportunities as his career has progressed.

"All of it was the real me," he tells the magazine. "I like to party, I like to have a good time, but everyone who watched knew that I was a down-to-earth guy who tried hard to be respectful of other people. The show never crossed a line."

Michaels nearly turned down VH1's pitch for "Rock of Love," he tells Billboard. "They wanted the 1986 Bret Michaels. My fans enjoyed the teased hair, the spandex. I stood up for myself and said, 'You need to let me be who I am right now in my life.'"

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