Breath-taking video shows bird phenomena of "murmuration"

(CBS News) Back in 2011 we blogged about a video showing a thing of beauty within nature called a "murmuration" (when huge flocks of birds, "starlings" to be exact, in migration form shape-shifting flight patterns). And now we have another caught-on-tape moment of the very beautiful and natural phenomena to show you above. Sit back, click play and feel serenity wash over you.

The truly breath-taking video entitled "A bird ballet" was posted by Vimeo user Neels CASTILLON who writes about the moment:

We were shooting for a commercial with my D.O.P, waiting for an helicopter flying into the sunset, when thousands and thousands of birds came and made this incredible dance in the sky. It was amazing, we just forgot our job and started this little piece of poetry... Enjoy !
I can't blame you at all for forgetting your job with something as incredible as this taking place all around you, and want to thank you so much for sharing it with us and the world, Neels! If you'd like to check out more work by Neels CASTILLON, be sure to visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.