Breast Milk Cheese Mom: Bon Appe-teat!

mommy's milk cheese with beets and romaine
A chef and his wife, whose breast milk has been used to make cheese, are beating back criticism that the human dairy product is unsafe.

"I eat healthier than your average cow and I'm not pumped full of steroids!" Lori Mason, who co-owns Klee Brasserie in New York with her chef husband, Daniel Angerer, told the New York Post.

Though the cheese is not against health codes, city officials have advised diners to take a pass. The Post reports, however, that several curious diners showed up to the couple's restaurant Tuesday to try a sample.

"It was slippery, slightly crunchy and tasted like pickles," a New York cheese shop owner told the newspaper. "I give it a thumbs down."

Angerer posted a recipe on his blog for what he calls "My spouse's mommy milk cheese." A photo features the cheese encrusted with maple caramelized pumpkin and Concord grapes.

They had an overabundance of milk for their newborn, Arabella Caroline. When their small freezer ran out of space, Angerer decided to experiment.

Angerer says his cooking instincts tend toward things natural. But even he admits: "THIS is a whole other level of 'natural."'

He told the Post that he does not intend to sell the cheese at his restaurant.

"I tried it and I'm still alive," Angerer said. "The baby eats it all day long and she's fine too."