Boy Scouts Sued Over Fla. Teen's Heat Stroke Death

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Boy Scouts of America (AP, file)

MIAMI (AP) The parents of a teen who died of heat stroke last year during a Boy Scouts hike in South Florida are suing the organization.

The suit, filed Tuesday, June 8 in Miami-Dade circuit court, says 17-year-old Michael Sclawy-Adelman was participating in a 20-mile hike through the Big Cypress National Park of the Florida Everglades in May 2009, when he began to exhibit signs of heat exhaustion. With temperatures around 100 degrees, the teen collapsed and died of heat stroke.

The teen's parents, Howard Adelman and Judith Sclawy-Adelman, are claiming the Boy Scouts of America and its scoutmasters were negligent. They're seeking unspecified damages.

A spokesman for Boy Scouts of America says they have not seen the suit and cannot comment on litigation.