Boy Rescued after Tongue Gets Stuck on a Pole

photo of the character Ralphie, played by actor Peter Billingsley, firing his Red Ryder air rifle from the classic movie "A Christmas Story" is seen in the back yard of the house used in the filming of the movie in Cleveland, Monday, Nov. 13, 2006. Brian Jones, who had started a business selling the leg lamp made famous in the film, bought the house and has renovated it as a museum. (Photo: AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)
AP Photo/Amy Sinisterra
WOODWARD, Okla. - In a scene straight from the movie "A Christmas Story," an 8-year-old Oklahoma boy got his tongue stuck to a metal pole after he licked it on a dare.

Officials say when rescue crews arrived Tuesday morning, the boy was standing on his tiptoes, trying to wriggle his frozen tongue free from a stop sign pole across the street from Woodward Middle School.

Paramedics were able to help the boy by pouring water on his tongue. Once free, the boy told officials he got stuck after his brother dared him to lick the pole.

The boy was taken to a Woodward hospital for treatment.

The scene was similar to one in "A Christmas Story," a 1983 movie adapted from Jean Shepard's memoir of a boy in the 1940s.