Bouquet Bandit Strikes Again! Man Robs Bank Armed with Flowers

"Bouquet Bandit" (AP Photo)
Bouquet Bandit Strikes Again, Uses Flowers to Hold Up Banks
"Bouquet Bandit" (AP Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) A man responsible for a Manhattan bank heist never brandished a weapon, but instead used a bouquet of flowers to get his not-so-subtle message across to the teller.

The robber with a sensitive side allegedly walked into Bank of Smithtown in downtown Manhattan clutching the brightly colored bouquet around 9 a.m. on Thursday.

He appeared nervous, but those who saw the man pacing back and forth in front of the building likened his symptoms to a man in love, perhaps summoning the courage to propose, reports The New York Post.

The suspect, dressed in jeans and a blue T-shirt, nonchalantly approached the bank teller and pulled a note from the bouquet which was a far cry from a declaration of love.

Instead, it read: "Give me all your 100s, 50s," and "don't be a hero."

The teller proceeded to hand over approximately $400, but cleverly included a dye pack within the bills.

Once the "hopeless romantic" had his hands on the loot, he ditched the arrangement, and walked out of the bank with the cash. But as he reveled in his fortune, the dye pack detonated in his hands, says The New York Post.

According to the paper, this is not the first time that the bouquet bandit has struck.

Authorities say that just last week the suspect pulled off another robbery at a Capital One branch in Manhattan armed with a small potted plant and a note that read, "Give me all your 50s, 100s. No dye pack, no bait money [marked bills]."

That time the bandit, whom police describe as approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and 30 years old, helped himself to over $2,000.