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Both Campaigns Hit Experience In New Ads

Both campaigns have new ads out this morning focusing on the experience – or lack of it – on the part of the opposition. John McCain's ad tweaks Barack Obama's scheduled 30-minute ad tonight and claiming that Obama is not prepared to be president "yet."

"Behind the fancy speeches, grand promises and TV special, lies the truth," the ad begins. "With crises at home and abroad, Barack Obama lacks the experience America needs. And it shows. His response to our economic crisis is to spend and tax our economy deeper into recession. The fact is Barack Obama's not ready yet." Watch it:

Meanwhile, Obama's campaign is out with an ad that uses no words but relies on quotes made by McCain over the course of the campaign on screen and clearly aims at the perceived inexperience of running mate Sarah Palin.

The ad flashes this quote from McCain first: "I'm going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated." Followed by this one: "The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should." And finally another: "I might have to rely on a vice president that I select" for expertise on economic issues." The ad asks, "his choice?" then moves to footage of Sarah Palin winking. "On November 4th, you get to make yours" the ad concludes. Watch it:

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