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Boston police puppy becomes Internet hit

A small police dog in training became a big hit on the Internet Monday as a picture of the canine wearing an oversized vest went viral, CBS Boston reports.

A picture of a nine-week-old German Shepherd named Batman who is a prospect for the Boston Police Department K-9 unit spread around social media.

The photo showed the puppy alongside Officer Troy Caisey, the head trainer of the K-9 unit. Caisey is suiting the dog up in its vest in the picture, though the dog's small stature makes it a difficult task.

Batman will be featured in the 2015 calendar for Vest-A-Dog, an organization that provides bulletproof vests and K-9 first aid kits to the Boston Police Department's K-9 unit.

For more information on the calendar, visit the Vest-A-Dog website or Facebook page.

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