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Boston Police + Twitter = Arrest of Alleged Pervert on Train

Boston Transit Police Arrest Lewd Passenger Lawrence Maguire Thanks to Twitter
Lawrence Maguire (Transit Police)

BOSTON (CBS/WBZ) Transit Police arrested 59-year-old Lawrence Maguire after he allegedly touched himself inappropriately on a Boston subway car, and got caught courtesy of Twitter.

Apparently, the not-so-shy suspect was apprehended Friday night after a fellow passenger spotted him, took a picture, and tweeted the photo and a message to the MBTA  two days earlier.

Nay Khun told CBS affiliate WBZ that when he first saw Maguire he didn't think much of him, but he eventually realized what was happening.

Khun then took matters into his own hands and wrote on his Twitter account, @Nykwil: "#mbta pervert on the 2nd car of the red line going to Braintree just passed Charles help me report him in hat."

Boston Transit Police Arrest Lewd Passenger Lawrence Maguire Thanks to Twitter
Picture Nay Khun took and sent to MBTA. (Nay Khun/@Nykwil)

"At this point I was thinking, 'This is outrageous, how can he be so nonchalant about this?!' Should I call him out? Should I alert the other people? Maybe he's drunk or high? Why aren't there any officials I can alert to the situation?" said Khun.

Eventually, the cops talked to Kuhn, made up a wanted poster of the suspect, and made the arrest, although the precise how and where aren't clear, said WBZ.

MBTA Transit Police Deputy Chief Joseph O'Connor say he embraces social media.

"Over the past we've had a number of people take pictures that have helped us solve crimes," O'Connor told WBZ. "We also know that more and more victims are feeling comfortable coming forward and that's what we want to see happen."

The Boston Transit Police say that although Twitter worked in this situation, it's still best to call 911 in an emergency.

CBS affiliate WBZ contributed to this story.