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The Magic Of Harry Potter
Some people, including the pope, find the magic of Harry Potter troubling. Nonsense, says CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. Kids who are old enough to read these books are also old enough to know what they're reading is fantasy.

Beach Book Bag
CBS News Senior Political Editor Dotty Lynch may be going on vacation, but that doesn't mean she's leaving politics behind. Her summer beach bag is stuffed with a lot of the D.C. Beltway must-reads.

Hot Books For Summer Reading
Sometimes, a good book is the only companion you need on a lazy summer afternoon. Contributor Janet Maslin comes to CBS News Sunday Morning to recommend some hot books for summer reading.

Harry Smith: Summer Reading
Harry Smith, co-anchor of The Early Show, usually prefers to read nonfiction, but he highly recommends two novels for summertime pleasure.

Making Book On Summer
When you're reading on the beach, you're reading for fun, and that's what John Searles is all about. He's the senior book editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, and he shared his recommendations on The Early Show.

Reading List For Summer 2004
CBS News Sunday Morning devoted some time to a summer 2004 preview of what's ahead in entertainment and the arts. This included a report by Janet Maslin of the New York Times on new summer books.

Wondering What To Read?
Vacation time presents a great opportunity to hit the beach and the books. John Searles, senior book editor for Cosmopolitan magazine, offered some hot picks for your summer reading list.

Connecting Kids To The Library
Did you know that many library systems across the country have programs for children that incorporate reading into other fun activities? Find out about summer reading programs.

Books Of The Summer Season
In discussing such books as "Shakey," "The Double Bond," "Master of the Senate," and "The Shelters of Stone," on CBS News Sunday Morning, Janet Maslin wondered last year if some tomes measure up to their size.

Summer Reading List: 2001
Looking for a good book? In 2001, from the intellectual to the just plain fun, CBS News Sunday Morning Contributor Janet Maslin had a few possible choices.

Political Novels: 2001
When Congress and the president go on vacation, and the nation's political life goes into recess,'s Dick Meyer offers a summer reading list designed to provide political junkies with a fun fix. Here are his picks from 2001.

Fun Books For Summer Vacation
Read a good book lately? One avid reader has several selections to offer vacationing children.

Adventures In Reading
According to a panel of experts, here are the 100 greatest adventure stories of all time.