Bombas sock company aims to "bee better"

Sock company Bombas' mission

Sock company Bombas was born out of a mission to help those in need.

Randy Goldberg, left, and Dave Heath CBS

The business began after co-founders Randy Goldberg and Dave Heath learned socks are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.

“It was a fact that kind of stood out to me as being both interesting and upsetting at kind of the same time,” Heath said Friday on “CBS This Morning.”

Bombas, which is derived from bumblebee in Latin, spent two years designing what it calls the best performing sock on the market. The sock boasts a “honeycomb support system” for your foot arch and a “performance footbed.”


They launched Bombas in 2013 with a “buy one, donate one” concept. More than two million socks have been donated so far, and on Feb. 28, they’ll be giving out another 60,000 to New York City homeless shelters on what they’re calling “60K Day.”

On any given night, Heath said there are 60,000 people who experience homelessness in the city.

“Since homelessness obviously is a cause that’s close to our heart, we wanted to help bring awareness to this issue. And so as a team, we’re constantly going out and donating our time together to homeless shelters, but we wanted to figure out how can we bring awareness to the issue and get other people involved?” Heath said. “So, on Tuesday, we’re getting 60 of the top New York City companies together, we’re assigning them to 60 different shelters and giving out 60,000 pairs of socks in one night.”

Through their mission, they aim to fulfill their mantra “bee better.”