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Boehner Casts His Bid To Remain Leader

With most of the results known - and the damage not quite as bad as many expected - House Republican Leader John A. Boehner wasted no time in seeking reelection to his post, asking colleagues in a letter Wednesday to support him as leader for another two years.

In the letter, Boehner told his colleagues that it is "time for the losing to stop," casting his reelection bid in more defiant terms than he did two years ago, after Democrats bounced his party from power.

“I’m deeply disappointed by the outcome of Tuesday’s election," Boehner wrote. "But I’m equally committed to building a lasting majority on the reform principles that define us and inspire our citizens. For this reason, I’m writing today to announce my candidacy for Republican Leader in the 111th Congress, and to request the honor of your vote.”

The full text of the letter is below.
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