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Boehner Bashes Justice Dept. For Not Doing Enough On Voter Fraud

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) is slamming the Justice Department for not  doing enough in response to GOP complaints of potential voter fraud.

In a letter today to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Boehner said he had just been told that Justice has reversed its 2002 policy of sending prosecutors along with election-observer teams into certain states.

"I have just been advised of your department’s decision to reverse its longstanding policy of assigning criminal prosecutors to serve on all federal election observer teams," Boehner wrote. "I am deeply concerned about this decision, particularly in the wake of a steady stream of reports highlighting voter registration fraud and potential fraudulent voting activities that have dominated the news in recent weeks."

The Ohio Republican also referred to a Washington Times story that said DOJ employees had donated $268,000 to Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign, including several senior members of the Voting Rights section, which would oversee voter-fraud allegations. Boehner suggested pro-Obama officials within the Justice Department may be influencing policy decisions.

"I am particularly dismayed to learn that several DOJ officials with important responsibilities for overseeing enforcement of the nation's voting rights laws – from access to the polls to protecting against voter fraud – are significant financial contributors to the Obama presidential campaign," Boehner said. 

"According to published reports, approximately $250,000 has already been contributed by DOJ employees to the Obama campaign, including personal contributions from several senior officials in the Voting Rights Section of the DOJ. This news does nothing to inspire confidence by the American people in the DOJ's ability to assure fair elections and the equal application of the nation's voting laws.

Boehner added: "Frankly, the real motive behind the Department’s decision is undeniably suspect given that Obama partisans in key positions at the Department of Justice may well have played a pivotal role in making it.

Sen. John McCain's campaign has received $97,400 from DOJ employees.

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