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Bocelli's Songs Of Love & Romance

Since his first big break in 1992, Andrea Bocelli has become an international superstar. Having sold over 65 million albums and topping both the classical and pop charts, he has truly become an iconic figure in music.

Now, at the height of an incredible career, Bocelli recently celebrated his 50th birthday and released his 20th and most romantic album yet, "Incanto."

During a visit to The Early Show, co-anchor Harry Smith asked Bocelli about his inspiration for the new album.

"They were the songs when I was a child -- they have been the songs that I had later in my tape recorder and now in my computer," he said with a laugh. "I love them because when I sing the songs I feel a big happiness and energy, because I can sing with a full voice, in a very free way."

During his visit, Bocelli performed "Mamma" and "Funiculi Funicula."

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