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Bobby Tillman Update: Ga. Party Supposed to be Small Gathering, Says Report

Bobby Tillman Update: Ga. Party Supposed to be Small Gathering, Says Report
Bobby Tillman, 18, was beaten to death in an unprovoked attack at a house party according to Ga. police. (Personal Photo) Personal Photo

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. (CBS/WGCL) The house party where Georgia teenager Bobby Tillman was viciously beaten to death was reportedly intended to be a small gathering of about 10 friends, but as word quickly spread the party swelled into an unruly crowd of about 80 people.

PICTURES: Ga. House Party Beating

"From what I saw, there was a small house party that started off," said John Howell, who lives next door to the house where the party happened. "Within an hour to two hours, there were about 80 kids here. They were not disruptive at first, then all of a sudden the music got real loud," he told The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

According to Douglas County Maj. Tommy Wheeler, a fight broke out at the house party between two females and two males. One of the females apparently hit a male who refused to hit her back because she was a girl, and instead vouched to beat up the next guy who crossed his path.

Moments later 18-year-old Bobby Tillman walked in front of the crowd.

District Attorney David McDade said 18-year-old Emanuel Boykins, 19-year-old Horace Coleman, 18-year-old Quantez Mallory, and another teen, Tracen Lamar, were charged with murder for "stomping, kicking, and punching" Tillman to death Saturday night in Douglas County, which is west of Atlanta.

Deputies who arrived at the scene tried, but failed to resuscitate Tillman.

Monique Rivarde, Tillman's mother, told CBS affiliate WGCL of her grief Monday.

"I can't explain how difficult it has been. Difficult, very, very difficult," Rivarde said. "He was beautiful. Bobby was a ray of sunshine through every dark cloud that anyone had."

Several of Tillman's friends held on to each other and cried as they said a prayer for him and his family, reports WGCL.

Late Monday evening several of Tillman's friends gathered outside of his home with flowers, teddy bears and balloons.

"We'll never know the feeling their family is going through but they're all in our prayers. We're all hurting," said Kadeja Croskey, a friend of the victim.

Rivarde said her son did not know his attackers.