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Bob Barr To Enter Presidential Race?

Bob Barr, spoiler?

The Associated Press is reporting that the former GOP congressman is "hinting strongly that he'll jump into the presidential race as a Libertarian."

Barr, who left the Republican Party two years ago, citing excessive spending and erosions in civil liberties, will make an announcement Saturday in Kansas City, the AP notes.

Barr is perhaps best known for his early and fervent criticism of Bill Clinton following the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and is more likely to take votes from a Republican candidate than a Democrat. John McCain, who has yet to win over some skeptical conservatives, could be particularly susceptible to a strong third-party challenge.

A Libertarian Party spokesman told the AP it would be "thrilled" to have Barr run for the nomination.

Mike Gravel, the former Democratic senator from Alaska whose run for the Democratic nomination generated little support, has also expressed interest in the Libertarian nomination.

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