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Blake Griffin, Kevin Love star in lockout spoof

Sadly, the expression "Don't quit your day job" can't really apply to NBA and NFL players right now since their respective lockouts mean they have no day job.

But after seeing NFL stars poke fun at the lockout in a "Field of Dreams" parody and now NBA players make light of their labor dispute in a fake commercial, one thing is clear: The end of the lockouts can't come soon enough.

In the fake "lockout professionals" ad (watch above) aired during the ESPY Awards Wednesday night, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Ron Artest and Tyson Chandler get in on the act. They'll get things off high shelves, swat flies from the ceiling, offer love advice and even file your taxes - for the low price of $9 million.

Like the NFL "Field of Dreams" trailer, the spot is mildly amusing in parts but mostly just another reminder of how unfunny life will be for sports fans if these lockouts drag on.

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