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Black Friday gun sales set another record

Enthusiastic Black Friday shoppers weren't just interested in picking up the latest electronics or appliances this year. Guns were also a relatively popular item.

According CBS Station KYW Philadelphia Wednesday, the number of potential gun buyers on Black Friday went up, setting a record for the second consecutive year.

The FBI said that its call centers were flooded with 154,873 calls from firearms dealers seeking background checks -- about a 20 percent increase from 129,166 on Black Friday 2011.

Don Gallardo of Phoenix's Shooter World told USA Today his store experienced a 10 percent rise in sales on Black Friday.

Shira Goodman of CeaseFirePa, a Philadelphia anti-gun violence group, told KPW that she thinks that gun-buying decisions were prompted by concerns over possible tougher gun laws in 2013: "There was a lot of advertisement about what the re-election of President Obama might mean, although no action has been taken yet, or in his prior term about limiting access to legal guns."

Goodman said CeaseFirePa is not concentrating on guns going to those who follow the law. "We're concerned about illegal guns, guns that are purchased or transferred illegally," she said