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Birdman plans to bet $5M on Super Bowl; 50 cent takes him up on $1M

Left: Birdman arrives at the Cash Money Records Annual Pre-Grammy Awards Party on Feb. 12, 2011; Right: 50 Cent appears at Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s post-fight news conference Sept. 17, 2011. Getty Images

(CBS) Sure, we have our friendly bets with our friends when it comes to the Super Bowl, but rapper/producer Brian "Birdman" Williams is upping the ante: He's betting $5 million that the New England Patriots will win on Feb. 5.

"I like New nephew play RB# 42.I'm Bet 5million 2 any tha Giants YMCMB.BabyMoney anybody kan Getit," he wrote in a barely decipherable tweet.

In case you couldn't understand that, Birdman - who's worked with Lil' Wayne and Drake - is claiming that #42 BenJarvus Green-Ellis, running back for the New England patriots, is his nephew. And, he's willing to put down $5 million to prove how much he loves him, which is about 5 percent of his net worth according to NESN.

At least one person is willing to take him on. 50 cent tweeted he'll take Birdman on $1 million of his offer, a meager offering compared to Birdman's bet.

"I'm up 500,000 off the last one.... ill bet it back Ill put a 1,000,000 on my G MEN. STUNNER you got the # hit me if you want it," he tweeted.

Birdman famously made $1 million on last year's Super Bowl, when he bet the Green Bay Packers would win -- and lost $2 million when the Miami Heat lost, according to Forbes.

However, Birdman's not exactly a die-hard New England fan: He told Billboard earlier in Jan 2012 that he was rooting for the New Orleans Saints -- and even picked Pittsburgh to be the AFC champions. Maybe he's making up for his lack of support?

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