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Bin Laden: Liberating Palestine Goes Through Iraq

(As Sahab)
Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden proposed liberating Palestinian lands by finding bases in countries that surround it, from which the militants would move out to open the borders by force.

Bin Laden suggested that the militants should establish a strong base in Iraq and from there move into Jordan and force their way into Palestine. He urged Muslims around the world to back the Islamist militants in Iraq in order for them to liberate Iraq and carry out his plan.

Bin Laden's statements came in a 33-minute audio tape entitled "Practical Steps To Liberate Palestine." The tape was produced by al Qaeda's media wing As Sahab. Bin Laden's voice was played over a still picture of himself next to a picture of al Aqsa mosque.

Bin Laden also noted that it was time to give some much needed attention to the Palestinian cause and acknowledged that there has been a delay in addressing the issue. "We have been very late in helping them, and that has damaged our causes and made them even more difficult and complicated," he said.

He claimed that the inability to come to the rescue to the people of Gaza during the recent Israeli war was due to the fact that Arab rulers, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, were preventing the Islamist militants from crossing into Gaza and defending its people.

"The bitter truth is that our countries are occupied from within and the Arab Zionists and their soldiers are the ones who prevent us from helping the weak and oppressed there," he said, adding that it was not possible to try to liberate Palestinian lands if Muslims could not free themselves first.
Bin Laden also stressed that Arab rulers had to be removed with the help of honest Muslim leaders who would set up what he called "advice committees" in order to create awareness and recruit as many people as possible to face those rulers.

He also specified a number of tasks for these committees to deliver, including preparing lists with the names of the scholars and thinkers who support militancy and promote their works amongst Muslim youths.
Bin Laden also called for spreading the works of a number of salafist scholars, specifying the book titles, and where to download them on the Internet.

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