Bill O'Reilly Attacks On Helen Thomas Are Ugly, Petty And Hateful

Bill O'Reilly mocks everyone--all right, I get it. He's a venom-spitting curmudgeon and works hard to build that image and protect his niche. But calling veteran journalist Helen Thomas a "wicked witch" after her question to President Obama at his news conference last night was not only ugly, it was petty.

O'Reilly is living proof there are a lot of hateful TV viewers out there because they must get a rise out of watching an angry homunculus who's outlived his useful life span. What else would prompt someone to watch his show? Quite frankly I'd have a better time parking on a freeway in rush hour and dealing with all the angry motorists, than watching Venom Boy spew. Can't somebody recommend to O'Reilly a competent psychotherapist? But then where would angry TV news viewers go to watch highly-paid cobras?

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By Bonnie Erbe