"Big Brother 8": Home Of The Brave

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Memo to Eric: A wise man once said, "You lay down with dogs and you'll get up with fleas." Eric teamed himself up with Evel Dick and now he needs a double dose of Frontline.

It all goes back to Nick. Who really voted for him to stay? And who voted for Mike to stay the week before? Both weeks there were two votes against Kail. No one will take responsibility for their actions except for Zack, the House Pariah, who admits to casting anti-Kail ballots the previous two weeks. Last week, Nick was incorrectly charged with being the second vote and it led to his eviction. Of course, it's been Eric, America's Player, who was doing America's bidding by voting against Kail.

Evel and Daniele suspect that Eric is the rogue voter. They devised a plan to eliminate him -- Daniele, the HOH, will put up Kail and Jen. But she will eventually back-door Eric in a clean, surgical strike. Her father is thrilled. She's daddy's little girl, after all!

They confided the plan to Jessica, who is the closest thing to a friend Daniele has in the house. She warned her close friend Eric, and, though sworn to secrecy, he confronted Evel, which gave Dick an excuse to bully someone other than Jen. Jen, happy to be out from under his thumb, stirred things up and plotted against Eric.

Suddenly, the other houseguests are waking up to the fact that Dick is unpredictable, volatile and dangerous. Whoa! Who'd a thunk? Under the guise of being a pierced, tattooed, nail-polished rebel who doesn't care what people think of him, Dick really doesn't care what people think of him. It's a novel strategy.

Moreover, Dick has been handling the houseguests, instead of it being the other way around. And now his entire Late Night Crew is trapped into being his obedient puppets. Or are they?

And then there were the banners. One flew over the house during the HOH competition: "We (heart) Nick. Amber and Eric are liars. LNC (Late Night Crew) is the Nerd Herd." To have someone from the outside world call them out during the game is bad news for Eric and Amber, who scrambled to defend themselves, even throwing dirt at each other. There were apparently other banners, as well (according to the live bloggers). It just gives ED more justification to target Eric.

Who will win POV? Will they use it to protect Eric? Can Eric wiggle his way out of this one? Will the rest of the LNC band together against Evel Dick and Daniele? Stay tuned!