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Biden says "we've had enough debates," signaling he doesn't want to face Sanders again

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Wednesday that he's done with the Democratic primary debates, and that he would rather focus on responding to the coronavirus crisis. His announcement comes a day after Bernie Sanders' campaign said he would participate in another debate if it's held in April.

"My focus is just dealing with this crisis right now," Biden said in a virtual press conference. "I haven't thought about any more debates. I think we've had enough debates. I think we should get on with this."

The Democratic National Committee planned 12 primary debates, and has held 11 so far. The final one is supposed to happen in April, but a date has not been set. The DNC did not comment on Biden's remarks.

Sanders' campaign said Tuesday that the Vermont senator would be at the twelfth debate if it's held — signaling that Sanders plans to keep campaigning for the near future, even after a series of major losses to Biden. 

"Senator Sanders is still running for president," Sanders' campaign communications director Mike Casca said in a statement. "If there is a debate in April, he plans to be there."

In the most recent debate earlier this month, Biden and Sanders faced off in Washington, D.C. with no in-person audience. They are now the only two candidates left in the Democratic race. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, both campaigns have shifted online, with the candidates holding virtual conferences and town halls and calling off on-the-ground canvassing. Coronavirus has also upended the primaries themselves, with several states postponing their votes. 

Biden has a commanding delegate lead over Sanders after a sweep of high-profile primary victories. According to the latest CBS News estimates, Biden has 1,120 delegates and Sanders has 831. Candidates need 1,991 delegates to lock in the nomination. 

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