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Biden Jabs Anti-Obama Protesters At Fla. Rally

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(TALLAHASSEE, FLA.) - Joe Biden held a rally this afternoon in Tallahassee, Fla., where he acknowledged protesters who blared a siren from a megaphone and chanted "Obama, not ready" as he gave his speech.

"The fact of the matter is, maybe those McCain folks can hear this, they'd be interested back there. They can hear this -- I'll say it loudly as I can. I thought it was a siren, it's just a whine."

"Look, if John actually had had an epiphany, if he had an epiphany, he would have seen the light. But if he saw the light, he'd have to acknowledge that in fact the economic policies of the last eight years are the cause, the cause of the economic crisis we find ourselves in now. But John, John as my mother would say 'God love him', continues to cling, cling to those economic policies."

The protesting continued around 100 yards away, where around 20 McCain supporters held up signs, one of which showed Obama's face painted like The Joker from the latest Batman film, reading "Why So Socialist?"

"Folks, it is unlike those folks out in the far parking lot," said Biden to boos from the crowd, which he tried to calm.

"We know, we know -- I'm serious. No I'm being deadly earnest about it. They're good folks. They're committed, they're committed to John's notions, but we know what they don't know. We know that we can do this. This is not some hat trick. This is not something beyond our capacity. We have always as Americans risen above our difficult moments. Always."

Biden also made reference to a "Saturday Night Live" sketch last night, where John McCain appeared with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, trying to sell a talking Biden doll on the QVC shopping network.

"Any of you watch 'Saturday Night Live' last night? Well I didn't see all of it, I saw parts of it this morning. And I was told by one of my staff guys, they said I got to get a Biden Pull Doll. I said, 'What's a Biden Pull Down (sic)?' And the said it's a little doll they were selling on 'Saturday Night Live', you pull the back of it and it goes, 'Amtrak, Amtrak, Amtrak, Amtrak.' Or something to that effect. So now everybody knows I take Amtrak four hours a day, actually on the train three."

The actual sketch was a little more harsh.

"And who wouldn't want the complete set of limited edition 'Joe' action figures?" said Fey as Palin. "There's 'Joe the Plumber,' 'Joe Six-Pack,' and my personal favorite, 'Joe Biden.' If you pull this cord, he talks for forty-five minutes.

Pulling the cord, the doll said in Biden's voice, "I take the Amtrak to work every day. Then -- after work -- I take it home. Let me tell you something about Joe Biden…"

"It's great if you want to clear out a party," said McCain.

"Or keep deer out of your yard," said Fey as Palin.

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