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Biden Calls Out For Early Voting In Florida

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA.) - Joe Biden made the first stop in his three day tour of Florida this evening, telling a crowd of 3,000 in New Port Richey to use the opportunity to vote as early as possible.

"Now is the time to choose," shouted Biden. "Today, tomorrow. You've got over two million Floridians already voted. People already standing in line. Ladies and gentlemen, we can't let happen this time what happened last time."

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., introduced Biden, saying both he and Obama could help cure Washington of its "excessive ideological rigidity and excessive partisanship" –- a change in politics that he said "American people are crying out for."

Nelson added that while it was "true Barack does not have to win Florida" in order to clinch the election, he said he was sure if Florida voted for an Obama presidency, so would the nation.

"Come the night of November 4th, we're going to be singing 'Happy days are here again'," said Nelson.

Biden reminded Floridians of their importance as the deciding factor in the 2000 race between George W. Bush and Al Gore, saying, "Look, this is the one state in America where I don't have to tell you every vote counts. This is the one state in America. Hopefully that will be the last time in modern American history where only a couple votes count here."

Once again, Biden called for unity among Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters in the country, saying Barack Obama would be a president to lead a country of separate ideals and individuals.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama knows, knows that we need to bring people together. To remind us what we've overcome in the past. To appeal to our better angels that we are, we are one nation, under God. We are indivisible. We are all Americans and we all love our country," he cried.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that's the core of who Barack Obama is. And that's why I believe he will be a great president of the United States of America," said Biden, waving his hand and stepping into the crowd to shake hands and kiss cheeks.

Biden campaigns tomorrow morning in Ocala, followed by an event Melbourne, Fla.